Social Media Etiquette (we should all know)

Feb 25
Queen picking nose

"It's not my hand"

I admit, I don’t follow every suggestion in his article either, and some I hadn’t thought of, but Chris Brogan’s article AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE has exactly everything right.

From your appearance, friending, conservations, disclosure, promoting and so on, it covers it.  Many of my clients call and scramble to promote an up coming event. And though things can be done, it takes time to plan and orchestrate it to its best potential.  My advice is to setup and grow your social media base before you need it.  It definitely grows over time and you will learn a great deal about the people who end up following and engaging with you.

By following the proper etiquette, you insure that your customer base has a definite picture of who you are and who your are not.  In the *new normal* the customer isn’t just the King, but also the Chief Editor.  Your customers will sing your praises when earned, and possibly damage your reputation if not.

Chris Brogans article explains it clearly read here.

More Companies Are Embracing Social Media …With a Little bit of Caution!

Aug 18
Listen to social

More companies are Listening well before they speak

Companies now see that they have to go where the people are, but in this media, you have to be aware of what you are saying, I suggest you Listen for several months before you even say hello. Eric Frazier from the Charlotte Observer

As social networks like Facebook and Twitter keep broadening their reach and influence, they’re taking socially savvy entrepreneurs and companies along for the ride.

Few examples have been as conspicuous in Charlotte as social media consultant Jason Keath and Social Fresh, the social networking conference he first put on in Charlotte a year ago. The one-day event, geared toward teaching corporate marketers how to navigate social networks, has proven so popular that it’s expanded to Tampa, Nashville, St. Louis and other cities.

It returned to Charlotte for its second year on Monday, with a daylong series of panel discussions and speakers at the University Hilton. Keath said it attracted 305 attendees – the most ever for the conference. “Charlotte is our home market,” he explained. “It’s our first repeat city, and so we’ve got a built-in audience.”

He structured this year’s conference to be less of a Social Media 101-type gathering and more of an opportunity for corporate social media types to learn how to push into more complex social media strategies and campaigns.

“We really want to improve the social media community,” he said during his opening remarks. “I want companies to take more chances… and to take more chances you really have to have confidence in what you’re doing.”

But, as fretful corporate executives everywhere realize, one rash Twitter or Facebook post can provoke the kind of backlash that takes weeks, months or even years to beat back. More and more companies are jumping onto social media “because that’s where all the people are,” but then they find themselves dealing with problems when the natives don’t always react in the ways companies hope or expect them to.

Bert Dumars of Newell Rubbermaid, the household products manufacturer, used Einstein Bros. bagels as an example. He said, in a presentation, that Einstein brought in 300,000 new Facebook fans in one week with a free bagel giveaway. But now, he said, many of the messages on the company’s Facebook page come from spammers, or from people who are simply asking for more coupons for free bagels.

“My biggest (piece of) advice when you’re starting out is don’t go too fast,” he said. “Growing fast does not equal growing well.”

Amber Naslund of the social media monitoring firm Radian 6 gave a keynote address in which she said the social web has revolutionized the way companies do business. Customers routinely shoot messages to companies via Facebook or Twitter, and increasingly, they expect immediate response. She called listening to those networks “answering the new telephone” that customers prefer using.

“While it is a challenge, there’s unprecedented opportunity,” she said. “And while it might sound a little dramatic, you’re witnessing history – business history.”

“Twitter – I’m just not getting it!”

Jun 10

Birds Poop every 15 minutesI’ve had three people in the last week tell me that they just don’t “get twitter”.

And honestly, I didn’t either for about the first year. I was following my friends, and watched their antics, but somehow felt empty. Like why do I hear all sorts of buzzing about this?

Well it wasn’t until someone showed me a few use full tools and strategies that I “Got it”! Now I use Twitter for many things.

First lets define what it is. Twitter is micro blogging. Just 140 characters at a time, which has cause me to compress ideas very carefully so that I get the complete message in there with out someone just reading that one post and having no idea what I’m saying.

First off, I never go to my twitter page. Since I set it up and created a background, I’ve hardly been there. That’s because it just shows the last 15 or so people I’ve followed and not much else. it’s a snapshot of the last-minute.

So I found TweetDeck. with this nifty app that works on both PC & mac (&iPhone) you can sort out exactly what you are looking for. You have your Favorites, Direct Messages, Mentions and as many search terms as you want.

Now you say, “Gee Curt that is some really cool stuff — but I’m still not getting it.” Well suppose you are in the Direct Marketing business. You’re a consultant and you help companies put together their advertising campaigns. Here is another useful online tool called

You start by doing a little prospecting. Enter some key words until you start to find something that looks interesting. I searched Direct Marketing and found several pages of people around the world with a mention of Direct Marketing.

So I got to the advanced feature and look up the same words “Direct Marketing” but this time I give it a location (Charlotte, NC) and a 50 mile radius. I also add in a time frame to include the last week.. In addition I’m able to choose an attitude, Positive, negative or asking a question. I chose the later 2.

I find “TaraMonique” who is a Business Mentor, cellphone junkie and avid internet marketer. I notice she has 1,934 followers and she is following 1,509. So I decide to follow her, and then I can see the folks who are following her.

Now you have a platform to go on. Personally I look for faces, not logos, I then read their short profile and dismiss those who do not fit my target. But I do within 30 minutes find 8 people who look notable. and I add them to a “Watch” list in tweet deck, just to make sure that they are active and have relevant things to say.

After you find someone of interest, then Google them, see if they show up in other places. Yes if feels like stalking, but you are trying to find out as much as you can. And if they have a linked in account, then you have hit pay-dirt, because running down the side of their profile is a list of people who viewed not only his profile, but others. and that is where you can expand that search.

There are many ways to use twitter and that is only one. I’ll be writing more about some of the useful tools. and there are plenty.

Hello everyone and glad to see you are here.

Jun 10

"The Author"Well, I got on Twitter about a year and a half ago and just didn’t get it. Why would anyone want to know what I was doing minute by minute. I can’t think of anyone I’d want to know that much info about.

Then at some point I got on Facebook and found it was nice to find old friends, there were some I was happy to find, others…well not so happy. But it turned out to be a good place to reach old friends. Then I realized that I was just not that interesting and can’t spell for Sh%$! so it took longer than I planned on spending.

Until I found all the settings. That made it a lot easier to turn off notifications, and be able to hide folks, and put them into lists.

I’d always been on Linked in, but only really used that as a kind of “Facebook for Business Friends”.

But, I’ve come to realize that these are huge databases of information that is just waiting to be searched. I started searching on twitter and found people to follow that were talking about the things I was interested in. I could read the articles they pointed to, see what people were saying about them and it all began to make sense.

So…I took a good long look at my business strategy and decided it was time to make a change. No more cold calling on the phone, no more bugging friends for new business. I’m going to make my online persona known and search for new business in Direct Marketing, Web Promotion and Social Media Strategy.

I’d appreciate your comments good or bad. I’ve done Direct for 25 years so I’ve put in my dues but, I’m ready to learn a few new tricks.

So cut me some slack, I should have this WordPress Blog thing down in a few days.

One more thing. I believe lives are worth living, so I try to do that as much as I can. Which means spending time with my Family, Wife and the Dogs. So don’t expect me tweeting at all hours and over the weekends. Remember, we developed technology to make our lives easier, not to clutter them up!

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