Blog? Website? or Both?

Mar 30

Blog? Site? or Both?

Let me know what you think

I just changed my site to a wordpress blog hosted by Godaddy.  I’m going to let you know how it goes. I decided to do it myself. I’m technical and can write a bit of code and generally know what I’m doing.  But…I fouled it up so bad that I couldn’t even get into my Dashboard to correct it.  That’s when I found For $119 I bought 2 hours of tech support provided by email.  Within an hour I was contacted by a tech expert.  She got my blog up and running in about 20 minutes and was able to make my blog the home page and kept everything she removed in a folder on my site.

Now, I can use my WordPress format as the Official  site.  I can have static pages for Service, Resources, About etc.   The really nice thing is my front page (home) is my latest entry, so it always changes (which is great for SEO purposes) and is fresh and I can auto post changes to twitter and Facebook.

Over the next few days I’ll be working with the design and content and adding WordPress Widgets to add more functionality. With Widgets, you can add your social media icons, the share icons at the end of your posts, tag clouds and a whole host of things that make your blog work for you.  I have to check, but there is even an iphone/mobile widget/plugin that converts the whole site to a mobile format. (Just checked and it does work, but suffers from the attention that I still need to put into the blog.) I’ll get it worked out.

So stay tuned as I take you through this transition.

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