I Faced My Fears 1 Mile High on a Swinging Bridge!

Jul 28

I’ve always had a fear of Heights. I don’t even like to get up on a chair to change a bulb.

I’ve tried not to let my fears control my life. I take a rational approach and think it through. Think of the dangers involved. Think about all the things I’ve heard about someone getting hurt or killed doing what ever it is. And lastly I use the Google test. When my son was young he was afraid that a Shark would come out of the Toilet and bite him. Well I said “lets go look it up on Google and see if a Shark has indeed swam up the pipes of someones house and bitten there bum”. Well, we found no such luck and proceed back to the bathroom where I just happened to have on hand. One shot down the toilet and we were good.

It proves that most of our fears are unfounded, we get wrapped up in the “What Ifs”. I’m not saying your fears aren’t real, they are very real, but the odds of most of them happening are slim and none.

Walking on the bridge showed me that. Luckily I was calm enough to film my self on the way back across. The way over was a little more shaky and my stomach was lifted up into my chest as if to get as far away from the ground as possible.

So, if you haven’t gotten into Social Media because you are afraid of Computers, Technology, just don’t understand it or whatever reason, we’ll walk you through it. Millions have gone before you so it can’t be that hard– right! Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your iPhone 4 Making You Fat?

Jun 30
Holding your iPhone 4 higher in FaceTime makes you look skinnyer!

iPhone 4 is better than Chocolate!

Ok, I could stand to loose a few pounds. But Steve Jobs, you did it again! You made another great phone. But with the antenna reception issues and the answer being “You’re holding it wrong!” There is another issue. Holding your iPhone 4 while on “FaceTime” application can make you fat!

While using the “FaceTime” app for the second time my friend Craig , who I’ve known for many years, said “Wow! Did you gain weight?”  I was like “Well maybe a little” but I am 6ft & 220lbs.  As I looked at him He looked great and my little picture looked terrible.

That’s when I realized that I was holding the iPhone well under my chin and looking down at it.  Naturally having a turtle neck my self it made me look like “Jabba the Hutt”.  So I lifted the phone up and looked directly into it and … much better.  Holding it above my face and looking up at arms length made me look even better (a trick used by people to make them look thin while taking their own profile shot).

As you can see by my Illustration the Camera on the iPhone 4 has a different field of view and will distort your face.  In my case making me look like Jabba.

So thank you Craig for alerting me to that (can’t wait to call you fat), and I’ll hold my iPhone higher from now on.  If you would like to have a FaceTime conversation on your new iPhone 4, then Call me! Curt @ (704) 962-5770 I’ll be happy to chat. Just make sure that you are on a WiFi connection, or it won’t work.

At&T has a 3G network, though fast, not fast enough.  Sprint has a 4G network and similar applications on the Android HTC do work on 4G.  The 4G wireless network is almost comparable to DSL & Cable (depending on many factors).   At&t are you Listening?

Another trick to make your double chin go away in photos is to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.  Check it out in the mirror it really works.

Create Fancy Facebook Pages That Sell!

Jun 10

Facebook is the big player and creating awesome fan pages is going to be big. Here’s a glimpse of what you can do.

[slideshare id=2608372&doc=fancyfacebookfanpages-astepbystepguide-091129135837-phpapp02]

Video- Are We All Camera Shy?

Jun 10
No! - No Video!

Nope! - No Video!

Every phone has a video camera, almost every computer has one as well, but why are we so camera-shy. Yes there is YouTube, and blogs and Video posts and Webinars and on and on, but why is the average person so hesitant to get on their web cam.

And as you may guess I’ve several ideas about why people shy away from the spotlight. it’s one thing to post a stupid video on YouTube, just to be intentionally funny. But Remember back to when you were a kid and someone handed you a microphone. Either one on a PA system, or on a tape recorder and told you “It’s on!” What was your first reaction. Remarkably most people make an intentional stupid noise or voice or whatever. The point being that they take the opportunity to look stupid intentionally. Thereby having an out if anyone might rate them as being “goofy”! The answer is that “I was trying to!” And that’s your alibi.

If you intended to be “weird” then you succeeded. However, who ever says anything intelligent or of worth? No one. Because we have a fear of failure.

That is one major reason that people do not use video chat casually, because they don’t want to be seen as trying their best to be “professional”, “normal” call it what you will. But they are afraid of looking bad to others.

That’s why it’s easier to act in character than to try to act in a normal role. because your character is just that, a character that you have made up, a “Caricature” of the character you portray.

So to bring it back around, most people just don’t like to video chat. Associates, friends, family, anyone. Oh, well there is the porn industry, but again, they are playing a role so they have a scapegoat. And they are ,in their minds, providing a service.

And the new pastime of “Chat Roulette” , which could actually be fun, but I would imagine it’s for the uninhibited. But to us normal folk who have always been told that the camera adds 20 lbs we are terrified.

We all wanted a Video phone 20 years ago, and now that we have them, do the Grand kids talk to the grand parents….mine don’t and both have the capability. But neither have the time or find some way to avoid it. You can pick up the phone looking anyway you want and with a slight grimace you can put on a happy face (in your voice) even if you have strep and 102 temp. But some calls on a video phone and immediately your chat goes to “away” like that isn’t just a total diss!

I’ve a few friends that will chat any time, they are guys and I’ve known them for years. One hit me on Ichat and was leaning into his camera real close. (Unusual for this VP of almost every Large internet company I could name) And Giddy! Turns out he was on Ichat on an Airbus flight from LA that had inflight WiFi. He was smiling and whispering, I said “speak up” and he Shooshed me — then held his laptop up so I could see the 50 rows of people behind him on a Wide body plane with isles R&L. I saw a few people look up, one waved and then he brought it back down and we talked about the speed and clarity.

But for the most part I think most of us would rather not be on stage at the whim of anyone with a mouse who clicks on us. I my self don’t mind. If you want to video chat then add me to your iChat or AIM using curtrbuthman@me.com. Although you might have to email me and let me know you want to chat because I don’t keep it open as often as I should, unless I want to reach out or am working on a project and collaborating with someone.

And speaking of that, why is that so difficult and or expensive. In Ichat you can talk, text and share your screen, even let the other person drive from their desk on your screen. It’s great for working on projects or showing someone how to do something on-screen and the voice works the entire time. But being able to go cross-platform requires an advanced IEEE degree. Yes I can do it, but I won’t go into what that takes here.

I’d like to hear why you don’t (or why you do) embrace video chat/interactivity.

“Twitter – I’m just not getting it!”

Jun 10

Birds Poop every 15 minutesI’ve had three people in the last week tell me that they just don’t “get twitter”.

And honestly, I didn’t either for about the first year. I was following my friends, and watched their antics, but somehow felt empty. Like why do I hear all sorts of buzzing about this?

Well it wasn’t until someone showed me a few use full tools and strategies that I “Got it”! Now I use Twitter for many things.

First lets define what it is. Twitter is micro blogging. Just 140 characters at a time, which has cause me to compress ideas very carefully so that I get the complete message in there with out someone just reading that one post and having no idea what I’m saying.

First off, I never go to my twitter page. Since I set it up and created a background, I’ve hardly been there. That’s because it just shows the last 15 or so people I’ve followed and not much else. it’s a snapshot of the last-minute.

So I found TweetDeck. with this nifty app that works on both PC & mac (&iPhone) you can sort out exactly what you are looking for. You have your Favorites, Direct Messages, Mentions and as many search terms as you want.

Now you say, “Gee Curt that is some really cool stuff — but I’m still not getting it.” Well suppose you are in the Direct Marketing business. You’re a consultant and you help companies put together their advertising campaigns. Here is another useful online tool called search.twitter.com.

You start by doing a little prospecting. Enter some key words until you start to find something that looks interesting. I searched Direct Marketing and found several pages of people around the world with a mention of Direct Marketing.

So I got to the advanced feature and look up the same words “Direct Marketing” but this time I give it a location (Charlotte, NC) and a 50 mile radius. I also add in a time frame to include the last week.. In addition I’m able to choose an attitude, Positive, negative or asking a question. I chose the later 2.

I find “TaraMonique” who is a Business Mentor, cellphone junkie and avid internet marketer. I notice she has 1,934 followers and she is following 1,509. So I decide to follow her, and then I can see the folks who are following her.

Now you have a platform to go on. Personally I look for faces, not logos, I then read their short profile and dismiss those who do not fit my target. But I do within 30 minutes find 8 people who look notable. and I add them to a “Watch” list in tweet deck, just to make sure that they are active and have relevant things to say.

After you find someone of interest, then Google them, see if they show up in other places. Yes if feels like stalking, but you are trying to find out as much as you can. And if they have a linked in account, then you have hit pay-dirt, because running down the side of their profile is a list of people who viewed not only his profile, but others. and that is where you can expand that search.

There are many ways to use twitter and that is only one. I’ll be writing more about some of the useful tools. and there are plenty.

Make A Video Screen Grab for Free!

Jun 10

Screen Toaster Logo

So I’ve decided to use Youtube to add Video to my mix. So I set up an account there http://www.youtube.com/curtbuthmanTV and filled out the profile. Since I have a mac it’s easy to use IMovie to take a quick Video using the built-in Camera, but you can get inexpensive camera anywhere, and I’m sure there is free software if you are using a PC. Well I wanted a way to capture things I was doing on the screen so I could edit the video and show you what I was doing and be able to talk as well.

Well after several searches I found what I think might be the best solution. It is an online video capture site that doesn’t need you to download anything. You just set the screen dimensions, position the window, enable the audio and you can also enable your web cam, so I guess this could do the whole thing for you. it is called ScreenToaster and is FREE! Now I’m all about free and I tried this out and it works perfectly. You are also able to download it in two formats a .mov and a flash movie file. I’ll be using the .mov to edit it into my videos.

I hope to be showing you some more helpful hints and a Video soon!

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