I Faced My Fears 1 Mile High on a Swinging Bridge!

Jul 28

I’ve always had a fear of Heights. I don’t even like to get up on a chair to change a bulb.

I’ve tried not to let my fears control my life. I take a rational approach and think it through. Think of the dangers involved. Think about all the things I’ve heard about someone getting hurt or killed doing what ever it is. And lastly I use the Google test. When my son was young he was afraid that a Shark would come out of the Toilet and bite him. Well I said “lets go look it up on Google and see if a Shark has indeed swam up the pipes of someones house and bitten there bum”. Well, we found no such luck and proceed back to the bathroom where I just happened to have on hand. One shot down the toilet and we were good.

It proves that most of our fears are unfounded, we get wrapped up in the “What Ifs”. I’m not saying your fears aren’t real, they are very real, but the odds of most of them happening are slim and none.

Walking on the bridge showed me that. Luckily I was calm enough to film my self on the way back across. The way over was a little more shaky and my stomach was lifted up into my chest as if to get as far away from the ground as possible.

So, if you haven’t gotten into Social Media because you are afraid of Computers, Technology, just don’t understand it or whatever reason, we’ll walk you through it. Millions have gone before you so it can’t be that hard– right! Read the rest of this entry »

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