Social Media Etiquette (we should all know)

Feb 25
Queen picking nose

"It's not my hand"

I admit, I don’t follow every suggestion in his article either, and some I hadn’t thought of, but Chris Brogan’s article AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE has exactly everything right.

From your appearance, friending, conservations, disclosure, promoting and so on, it covers it.  Many of my clients call and scramble to promote an up coming event. And though things can be done, it takes time to plan and orchestrate it to its best potential.  My advice is to setup and grow your social media base before you need it.  It definitely grows over time and you will learn a great deal about the people who end up following and engaging with you.

By following the proper etiquette, you insure that your customer base has a definite picture of who you are and who your are not.  In the *new normal* the customer isn’t just the King, but also the Chief Editor.  Your customers will sing your praises when earned, and possibly damage your reputation if not.

Chris Brogans article explains it clearly read here.

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